Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sister Project

OK I should have posted these at the beginning of last week I think. I have been trying to beat these migraines and actually am feeling pretty puny today also. I know I am way behind but I took my before pictures a long time ago just haven't been able to get them up. So I'll still finish when I'm supposed too.

Project 1 for this month

In my kitchen there is one drawer! Yep what can you do with one drawer in an entire kitchen! So I went and bought a little cabinet thing. It has a couple shelves where we put our matching dishes actually they are the dishes that my Grandmother used to have I love them and they look perfect in my cute cabinet. It also has one drawer and it contains my silverware. So that leaves one drawer in the kitchen for everything else that should be in a drawer, when that happens you eventually end up with a mess like this. Most of the time I can't get it open because something is stopping it. FRUSTRATING!!!

Project 2

This disaster is in my daughters room. She has such a cute little room, with matching furniture and everything is pink and white. So cute. But she will not keep it clean! To put clean clothes away HA! She takes the whole pile and stuff it in her drawer resulting in this not to mention a cranky mommy. So this needs definite attention and hopefully a way that she can keep it straight herself!

Project 3

OK are you ready? This here is my bedside table (cringe now). Can you see where my daughter gets it from. Now I know that by the pictures I've posted it looks like my house is a disaster but if you were to walk in it would be CLEAN. Everything that anyone sees is in order, but behind the scenes like this table and my desk you saw last month is a place out of site to most people and things get piled there. It makes me crazy to see thing like this and it has to stop!!!
And that bag is not trash, it is a project waiting to be worked on. This table should be pretty and make me happy.

These are the same area but I just wanted you to see more than I could get in one picture. This is right outside my front door. Now that it has been warm here and everything is starting to grow again, it never gets brown, stays green all year it just stops growing when it's cold. It has gotten messing out here, needs cleaning up and pruning.

So here are my 4 projects that I will be doing in the next 3 weeks I guess it is now. I wish I could say that I was off to get started but, I think I am off to lay down and baby myself while everyone is gone at school. Have a great day.