Monday, August 24, 2009

Off To School

Well today was the beginning of a whole new chapter I guess. I have all of my four wonderful children in school. Last year I stayed home with 2 of them all day, and this year they are all gone. I walked my two Kindergartners to class and after getting to hang out a little longer because I offered to take 1st day pictures for their teacher I left without a single tear from the 3 of us. I'm so proud of them (ok I am more proud of me).

Tater, so excited for his first day of Kindergarten. What a cutie.

Ladybug, looking very sweet this morning. So happy to get to ride with daddy to school.

Here they all are. 5th grade, 2nd grade and Kindergarden. I can't believe so much time has passed since we've been here.

Bye guys!

This year I feel so blessed to have my husband home for this and his schedule even worked out today that he was able to come with us to take them for their first day. With him in the military he wasn't home last year at this time. I was taking them for their 1st day alone. Sending my last 2 into school at the same time would have made me an emotional mess if I would have had to do it with him away.

Now home to clean, pay bills, help "the Officer" study, laundry and hopefully do some crafts. Oh yeah, I'll have enough to do to fill my days while all the kids are away.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interesting Summer Finds

Our first interesting thing we found, actually my son found, was this crazy looking spider. I have never seen anything like it before. Finding this weird looking fellow prompted my son to head to the computer to research. He found out this guy was a "spiny-back orb weaver." What ever he is I think he's cool looking with his black spikes all the way around his bright yellow body.

Next for things I have never seen before comes the Sea Slug (we had to do some research to figure this one out too). We actually found a couple of these as we were playing in the water at the beach this summer. I personally thought he was very cute. You can't get a good look at his face so trust me on this one. We swooped him up in our bucket to get a good look at him and of course to get some pictures, but quickly returned him safely back to the ocean.

Ok, these things I have seen before, I didn't have to do research to figure out what I found laying on my coffee table. However, the thing I found was my love for these simple towels. These towels are not new. I have used them, washed them, folded them and put them away many times, but this summer I discovered how much I love taking these big fluffy warm towels out of the dryer and folding them. Even looking at them stacked up on my table makes me smile, not to mention wrapping up in them after a shower. I suggest everyone should have big white fluffy towels to make them smile.

Another discovery was that it isn't so bad to live without cable os satellite. Who knew! We turned ours off a month before school got out and really it has been nice. We did hook an antenna to the T.V. because living in Florida, especially during hurricane season you have to keep an eye on the weather. So we get the weather and even a channel that has some cartoons for a little while in the mornings. Without T.V. the kids have more time for creative thinking, like turning bubble wrap into stylish clothes, like this great jacket Tater has made.

I'm sure there has been more discoveries I have come across this summer but for the last one for today is that, Froggy rain boots not only go with everything but they MAKE the outfit.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ok, I finished painting this the other day, but because of the rain I didn't have it out on the porch where it will be staying. I needed to make sure it was dry first. My first go at refurbishing (I guess that would be the right word) anything. This table was at my parents house and they were wanting to get rid of it. I wasn't crazy about it like it was but I was needing a table between my chairs on the front porch.


I like it much better now that it's black. Excuse the fluffy head in the picture, that is one of my dogs. I took several pictures and she was in all of them. I am needing something great to sit on my new pretty table. Of course it would look better if it didn't have to have the ugly color of the house in the background. I'm hoping painting the house will be a project I'll get to after the kids get back in school.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Little Beach Time

Today was a bit rainy and dreary so I thought I would show you some pictures and talk about something a bit more uplifting. What is more uplifting than, THE BEACH! These were taken maybe last week. This is my only daughter, one of the twins, I'll be calling her Ladybug. She is looking in her little binoculars at the Manna Rays that we were swimming with that day. It was definitely an experience we haven't had before. There were hundreds of these Manna Rays, probably at least 3 feet wide. They were swimming right up to us and turning right before they would hit us. I thought this was quite amazing, to have these big, beautiful creatures coming right up to us. I could have stayed there watching them all day. This is where Ladybug felt more comfortable. Behind her binoculars on the shore.
Ahhhh, this is the life. Kids playing in the sand, I'm sitting back relaxing, taking a few pictures, and my husband (I think we'll be calling him "The Officer") playing in the water. All I need now is a Pina Colada "chillin' in my right hand". If I had the kids in the picture this here would be a great shot of my life. When the weather is nice which is much of the year we are on the beach a lot. We all love it out here, and it's FREE!!!! Oh how I love free.

Despite the rain we did get out a little today and bought some school shoes for the kids, which was not too enjoyable for me because I hurt my toe very bad yesterday. Smashed the little thing with a wood pallet, ouch! I thought better of taking a picture of it to share with you, it's not too pretty. Although walking around the store was painful I got over it when I found this great soap and lotion, I fell in love with it after using it at my mothers house and just had to have it. Well it happened to be on sale where we were shopping today. Yea! Seems like it was meant to be.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The end of summer break closing in

Big day yesterday. This huge mess was only a fraction of it. There is more to this room and it to was covered in piles of clothes. Before a new school year gets started we pull out all the kids clothes in the house. From drawers, closets, hiding places in bedrooms and the laundryroom and boxes of clothes waiting for the kids to grow into them. All the clothes go into a bedroom and the kids try on every piece of clothing and model it to me runway style down the hall and into the Livingroom, where I take them and put them in the appropriate pile. This starts off so fun and the kids love it. Before we get done everyone is tired of it and I have to encourage them to keep moving. After all this the last thing I want to do is put all these clothes away. But I certainly can't leave the place looking like this. It was making me crazy just looking at it long enough to get through the fashion show. After all this I'll have a good list of what each child still needs for school. So as I am getting everything in it's place, sweet hubby is starting a fire in the backyard so we can roast hotdogs and marshmallows. Tater has been asking for this all summer. We had a great time cooking out and after the fire was out in we went to get cleaned up and into pajamas to watch a movie the kids have been wanting to see. Ahhh, summer days. I am not ready for school to get started yet.