Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sister Project

OK I should have posted these at the beginning of last week I think. I have been trying to beat these migraines and actually am feeling pretty puny today also. I know I am way behind but I took my before pictures a long time ago just haven't been able to get them up. So I'll still finish when I'm supposed too.

Project 1 for this month

In my kitchen there is one drawer! Yep what can you do with one drawer in an entire kitchen! So I went and bought a little cabinet thing. It has a couple shelves where we put our matching dishes actually they are the dishes that my Grandmother used to have I love them and they look perfect in my cute cabinet. It also has one drawer and it contains my silverware. So that leaves one drawer in the kitchen for everything else that should be in a drawer, when that happens you eventually end up with a mess like this. Most of the time I can't get it open because something is stopping it. FRUSTRATING!!!

Project 2

This disaster is in my daughters room. She has such a cute little room, with matching furniture and everything is pink and white. So cute. But she will not keep it clean! To put clean clothes away HA! She takes the whole pile and stuff it in her drawer resulting in this not to mention a cranky mommy. So this needs definite attention and hopefully a way that she can keep it straight herself!

Project 3

OK are you ready? This here is my bedside table (cringe now). Can you see where my daughter gets it from. Now I know that by the pictures I've posted it looks like my house is a disaster but if you were to walk in it would be CLEAN. Everything that anyone sees is in order, but behind the scenes like this table and my desk you saw last month is a place out of site to most people and things get piled there. It makes me crazy to see thing like this and it has to stop!!!
And that bag is not trash, it is a project waiting to be worked on. This table should be pretty and make me happy.

These are the same area but I just wanted you to see more than I could get in one picture. This is right outside my front door. Now that it has been warm here and everything is starting to grow again, it never gets brown, stays green all year it just stops growing when it's cold. It has gotten messing out here, needs cleaning up and pruning.

So here are my 4 projects that I will be doing in the next 3 weeks I guess it is now. I wish I could say that I was off to get started but, I think I am off to lay down and baby myself while everyone is gone at school. Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First 4 projects DONE!

Ok, it is now the end of the first 4 weeks in the New Years Sister Project. I have finished my projects and am posting them today. So Project #1 was the silly wall.


Ok, the wall isn't perfect, but it's good enough and done for now. If I can ever get the matching paint I'll run over it with that and it should be good as new. I had this done once earlier in the month but hit that stinkin' piece of trim again as I went through the door and tore it back up. So I am very happy to have this one done and hopefully won't have to do it again before we move.

Ok Project #2 Was the loaded down desk and office chair. I am so thankful for this one being done as well, I am enjoying sitting in the empty chair now and not balancing on the edge. I even have a cup of coffee on the desk, which before I am pretty sure I couldn't have fit it on the desk.



Project #3 my Scentsy stuff. I am not really excited about this one. I have went through it, it is more organized than what it looks like I think. They have come out with new testers and a gorgeous carrying case for them, so I am going to buy them, but I need to wait just a bit for that. So I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on something to organize these when I am going to be getting rid of them and getting something different. But this is definitely better and I have a great spread sheet that I am now keeping track of inventory.



Project #4 my washer and dryer. Ok this one too may not be to impressive to you, but to me makes being out there and spending as much time as I have to spend with these 2 large appliances much more enjoyable. Clutter just brings a mood down. So often you don't notice until the clutter is gone and it just instantly makes you smile. DOWN WITH CLUTTER!!!! It' s a disease! Something simple and pretty on top would be nice, but I can't seem to come up with anything. So I will for now enjoy the empty space.


Yes the box in the middle is still there. There is no where else for it. If I turned around and took a picture of the rest of the garage you would understand. And we move so often that it is definitely best to keep the box. There just isn't a better way to keep it safe in a move. Anyway, I can see the top of the washer and dryer, the only thing on there is detergent and bleach, which reminds me I need to add dryer sheets to the shopping list.

Ok there was my projects for the first 4 weeks. Now I have to come up with my next 4 and go take my before pictures. I'll be back tomorrow with those. Now off to see what my sister has accomplished this month.

Stay warm and have a fabulous day!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Years Sister Project

I love a new year, it's a new beginning. A time to make things better, be it yourself, your home, your finances. It is just a new beginning, and I love that feeling, I always loved starting a new school year when I was in school for the same reason, a new beginning. And just like the beginning of each year, I have a great feeling about 2011. I think good things are to come! I hope everyone is feeling the same way.
Well to start off this year my sister and I have started our projects. We will be calling it the:

"New Years Sister Project"

We are choosing 4 projects a month to accomplish. Complete with before and after pictures. I guess for proof but also for ourselves to look back at the before to enjoy what an awesome job we did! Now I guess the idea is to do one per week, but we all know how that goes, some weeks are crazier than others, so I think 4 done in 4 weeks fits better. Of course my before and afters will be shared here. But that isn't all, we are sharing these projects with each other because if we accomplish our goals for the month we will be sending each other something in the mail. We don't know what, it doesn't really matter just a little something to brighten their day. Who wouldn't want that.

So to get started

Project 1

This is the doorway between the master bedroom and master bathroom. We are currently renting this home so I try to take special care of it since it doesn't belong to me. Well someone for some reason has put this trim not flush against the wall like trim should be. It sticks out into the doorway. I have no idea why! I think it is silly, but it isn't my home so there isn't anything I can do about it. Well I was walking through the door one day and hit my knee on the trim and not only tore the trim away from the wall but it also took the paint with it. BLAH!!! Now I have this lovely project to take care of.

Project 2

Yep, Gasp! This is actually the computer that I am sitting at right now typing this. It looks the same I haven't started to clean it yet. As I am sitting on the edge of the chair, I am actually looking forward to getting this one started. I am really hoping to stay with the blog and if I am going to be spending time on this computer I can not have my desk looking this way. It exhausts me just looking at it. So I want to get this cleared off and in working order.

Project 3

Ok, I am a Scentsy consultant, but that is another post. These are the testers I have for people to smell the scents to find what they like. Obviously this isn't the best way to present them. They are so big and there are over 80 of them. So I can't figure out what to do with them where I can conveniently haul them around, or even conveniently just haul them out of the closet that I keep them in when not in use. This doesn't look very professional. So for this project I need to come up with a lovely tote or something to organize these wonderful Scentsy scents.

Project 4
This is my second home I've lived in, in Florida and it seems that it isn't rare to have your washer and dryer in the garage. I HATE it! Against what many believe it does get cold in Florida, especially when you're kind of wimpy like me. OK I am using that as an excuse for my washer and dryer to look like this, piled high with clothes. Actually even when I have them inside they still get pile up. I can't help it. I don't like it, but I repeatedly do this. So this project will be clearing these off. I see on other blogs that people have lamps and little pretties on their dryers. I would settle for just to see the tops of them, I try to spend as little time as I can out here. Maybe it will change after the weather warms up a bit. I should have turned around and shown you the view I have when I'm doing laundry. You would understand me not wanting to be out there long. Although just in case my mother happens to read this I can't show you because her '53 Chevy shares this space with me and she can't see it until we are done restoring it for her. I will be sure to share before and afters of that when it comes time. Soon hopefully soon. Because as much as I love the car I don't want it in our possession any more!

Well those are the projects for the next month, now I must go get busy. Have a lovely day.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh it's been so long!

Ok, so it has been nearly a lifetime since I have blogged, and then the nerve of me to get started again with a post that has not one picture. I am blogging from Officer's laptop as I do not have my computer set up yet. It's not as easy to put pictures on his computer as it is mine so, we'll just have to have a lack luster post today. At least I'm finally posting.

Since I've posted last I have moved me and my 4 children from Florida to Kansas to stay with my parents for the 2nd semester of there school year. Officer stayed behind because of work and to completely remodel our home (that I have yet to see). We packed up a Uhaul and left Christmas morning from warm Florida to freezing Kansas. It was an incredibly long, cold winter. So it's now June and we have all since moved from Kansas to meet up with the Officer who has been restationed in Texas. So after being apart and not seeing each other for 5 months we are all enjoying being back together and living as a family again.

So here in Texas we are having a new adventure, base living. Our home is a duplex but very nice and much bigger than the home we own in Florida. Our neighborhood is very nice, and I already knew a couple people before we even got here. It helps also that our neighbors are lovely and have a nice garden that they are happy to share their fresh garden tomatoes. So for the next 5 months this is the place we will be calling home. Then it will be time to pack up again and move back to Florida. Not back to where we were but a different part of Florida. As I'm trying to unpack our things and thinking about the fact that I will be doing the exact same thing in a different home in only 5 very short months, I'm thinking it's time to simplify. How many toys does a kid need anyway!

So a lot has happened since I've posted last but I am going to try to stay on top of the blog better. I couldn't be much worse. Have a lovely day, try to stay cool.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Magnets For Me!

Ok, so quite a while ago I mentioned that I made those great magnets that so many people in the blog world are making. Well I gave the first batch to my sister-in-law and forgot to take pictures. I was decorating for Fall this week and it reminded me that I need to make my own. The picture isn't the greatest, my flash was not working with me but here they are. This is my Halloween batch. I love them.

Of course we need a close up. I can't wait to make a batch of these for every holiday and season. They are so cute. I cleared my refrigerator of the school papers and reminders that have been hiding it for years and now these cuties have the place of honor. Definitely much better than those free magnets with Lawyers faces on them that won't even hold a piece of paper. Those are gone and will never be seen on my fridge again. Nope, only cute appropriate for the season magnets for me. They actually work to, they are very strong.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something About That Bag

I usually try to be frugal. I am always looking for the best deal, or trying to get the most out of something. I buy myself clothes very rarely, and if I do it is definitely off of the 70% off rack. However I love pretty things. I like them in my house, on my children, on me. I have seen shoes that I felt very sad walking away from because they looked so perfect when I tried them on (this happened today). I actually took a picture of these shoes and sent it to my husband with a message much like you would find on a lost dog poster. I just don't want to spend much to have those pretty things. Actually if it's not at least 50% off I probably won't even look at it. Well I had to go shopping today(it was hard, but someone had to do it). I am a bridesmaid in my sister-in-laws wedding this month and had to buy shoes and a bra that worked with the strapless dress. I had a great time shopping and going out for lunch with my other sister-in-law, but I have a hard time swallowing the amount of money spent. I didn't go on a shopping spree or anything just what I needed (plus a small purse, but it was only $5 and very cute). So as I'm paying for this perfect bra and choking a little as I swipe my card, it all seemed OK after she packed it so nicely in the pretty pink bag complete with tissue paper, just like it was a little gift just for me. Then, she even sprayed it with a bit of perfume. YES she sprayed my shopping bag with perfume. When she handed it over it all seemed to be OK that I just spent that much. Really? What is it about that pretty bag that makes you forget about the small fortune you just spent. I got it home and took it out of the pretty bag to show "The Officer what I purchased and it was like opening up a gift (Aww thank you sales lady for this beautiful gift).

Friday, September 4, 2009

Beach Day!

The kids at school, "The Officer" didn't have to be at work until 1 PM, so he made us breakfast (he makes a mean omelet) then off to the beach we went, just the two of us. I thought sending my last two off to Kindergarten was going to be harder. But I think it's working out quite nicely. The waves were huge today so it was fun to actually be able to get in them and play. I am usually up on the beach with the kids while "The Officer" plays in the waves with our oldest when the water is rough. I love spending time on the beach with the kids but it sure was nice just the two of us today. Of course I forgot my camera so no picture today. I'll remember next time.

Finally cleared the salt water from my nose and ears and a shower taken. Hubby is off to work and I am making homemade bread to have with dinner, then off to pick up the kids from school and then later soccer practice. What a good day.

I have been able to do a little crafting. I'm no pro but I enjoy it and get very excited when things turn out good. I made my sister in law those cute marble magnets that i have seen on so many other blogs. I had to make her something because last weekend I was at her house and threw away all the magnets on her refrigerator (because they were ugly). I've been friends with her since Junior High, she expects this from me. I made her Halloween ones, so I will have to make her more later, Oh what a shame huh. I didn't think to take pictures of them to show you but I liked them so much I will be making my own so I will post that picture when they are done. They were fun to make so watch out friends and family I think magnets for EVERYONE!