Friday, September 4, 2009

Beach Day!

The kids at school, "The Officer" didn't have to be at work until 1 PM, so he made us breakfast (he makes a mean omelet) then off to the beach we went, just the two of us. I thought sending my last two off to Kindergarten was going to be harder. But I think it's working out quite nicely. The waves were huge today so it was fun to actually be able to get in them and play. I am usually up on the beach with the kids while "The Officer" plays in the waves with our oldest when the water is rough. I love spending time on the beach with the kids but it sure was nice just the two of us today. Of course I forgot my camera so no picture today. I'll remember next time.

Finally cleared the salt water from my nose and ears and a shower taken. Hubby is off to work and I am making homemade bread to have with dinner, then off to pick up the kids from school and then later soccer practice. What a good day.

I have been able to do a little crafting. I'm no pro but I enjoy it and get very excited when things turn out good. I made my sister in law those cute marble magnets that i have seen on so many other blogs. I had to make her something because last weekend I was at her house and threw away all the magnets on her refrigerator (because they were ugly). I've been friends with her since Junior High, she expects this from me. I made her Halloween ones, so I will have to make her more later, Oh what a shame huh. I didn't think to take pictures of them to show you but I liked them so much I will be making my own so I will post that picture when they are done. They were fun to make so watch out friends and family I think magnets for EVERYONE!


  1. sounds like a great day!!! I want to see the magnets! What magnets did you use on the back of them the round ones that are recommended are kinda expensive I thought.

    I bought a bread machine at a garage sale today my plan is to just use it for the dough cycle and bake it normal. I hope it works out GREAT! I just finally took pictures of my gorgeous bath I have to get put on my blog so you can drool a little.

  2. Yeah, I think they were almost $8 at Hobby Lobby but it was a big package. The round magnets at Walmart didn't seem to be a very strong magnet. I think the ones I got the strength was a 6. They are pretty strong.

    I'm waiting to see your bathroom.