Friday, October 2, 2009

Magnets For Me!

Ok, so quite a while ago I mentioned that I made those great magnets that so many people in the blog world are making. Well I gave the first batch to my sister-in-law and forgot to take pictures. I was decorating for Fall this week and it reminded me that I need to make my own. The picture isn't the greatest, my flash was not working with me but here they are. This is my Halloween batch. I love them.

Of course we need a close up. I can't wait to make a batch of these for every holiday and season. They are so cute. I cleared my refrigerator of the school papers and reminders that have been hiding it for years and now these cuties have the place of honor. Definitely much better than those free magnets with Lawyers faces on them that won't even hold a piece of paper. Those are gone and will never be seen on my fridge again. Nope, only cute appropriate for the season magnets for me. They actually work to, they are very strong.


  1. These are so cute. I was just talking to Ally about making some fore her teacher. Do you use modge Podge? and do you use the round magnets from Walmart about $4 a pack????

  2. I used magnets from Hobby Lobby, They are the same size that you can get at Walmart but I thought they were stronger magnets. But they are really strong you probably wouldn't need such a strong magnet. And no not Mod Podge, it's called Triple Thick, I know people also use Diamond Glaze, but I couldn't find it.