Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh it's been so long!

Ok, so it has been nearly a lifetime since I have blogged, and then the nerve of me to get started again with a post that has not one picture. I am blogging from Officer's laptop as I do not have my computer set up yet. It's not as easy to put pictures on his computer as it is mine so, we'll just have to have a lack luster post today. At least I'm finally posting.

Since I've posted last I have moved me and my 4 children from Florida to Kansas to stay with my parents for the 2nd semester of there school year. Officer stayed behind because of work and to completely remodel our home (that I have yet to see). We packed up a Uhaul and left Christmas morning from warm Florida to freezing Kansas. It was an incredibly long, cold winter. So it's now June and we have all since moved from Kansas to meet up with the Officer who has been restationed in Texas. So after being apart and not seeing each other for 5 months we are all enjoying being back together and living as a family again.

So here in Texas we are having a new adventure, base living. Our home is a duplex but very nice and much bigger than the home we own in Florida. Our neighborhood is very nice, and I already knew a couple people before we even got here. It helps also that our neighbors are lovely and have a nice garden that they are happy to share their fresh garden tomatoes. So for the next 5 months this is the place we will be calling home. Then it will be time to pack up again and move back to Florida. Not back to where we were but a different part of Florida. As I'm trying to unpack our things and thinking about the fact that I will be doing the exact same thing in a different home in only 5 very short months, I'm thinking it's time to simplify. How many toys does a kid need anyway!

So a lot has happened since I've posted last but I am going to try to stay on top of the blog better. I couldn't be much worse. Have a lovely day, try to stay cool.

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  1. ok get the pictures on here I want to see you house now. and what there is too see in Texas.
    If you start blogging maybe it will inspire me. because I suck just like you :)