Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Years Sister Project

I love a new year, it's a new beginning. A time to make things better, be it yourself, your home, your finances. It is just a new beginning, and I love that feeling, I always loved starting a new school year when I was in school for the same reason, a new beginning. And just like the beginning of each year, I have a great feeling about 2011. I think good things are to come! I hope everyone is feeling the same way.
Well to start off this year my sister and I have started our projects. We will be calling it the:

"New Years Sister Project"

We are choosing 4 projects a month to accomplish. Complete with before and after pictures. I guess for proof but also for ourselves to look back at the before to enjoy what an awesome job we did! Now I guess the idea is to do one per week, but we all know how that goes, some weeks are crazier than others, so I think 4 done in 4 weeks fits better. Of course my before and afters will be shared here. But that isn't all, we are sharing these projects with each other because if we accomplish our goals for the month we will be sending each other something in the mail. We don't know what, it doesn't really matter just a little something to brighten their day. Who wouldn't want that.

So to get started

Project 1

This is the doorway between the master bedroom and master bathroom. We are currently renting this home so I try to take special care of it since it doesn't belong to me. Well someone for some reason has put this trim not flush against the wall like trim should be. It sticks out into the doorway. I have no idea why! I think it is silly, but it isn't my home so there isn't anything I can do about it. Well I was walking through the door one day and hit my knee on the trim and not only tore the trim away from the wall but it also took the paint with it. BLAH!!! Now I have this lovely project to take care of.

Project 2

Yep, Gasp! This is actually the computer that I am sitting at right now typing this. It looks the same I haven't started to clean it yet. As I am sitting on the edge of the chair, I am actually looking forward to getting this one started. I am really hoping to stay with the blog and if I am going to be spending time on this computer I can not have my desk looking this way. It exhausts me just looking at it. So I want to get this cleared off and in working order.

Project 3

Ok, I am a Scentsy consultant, but that is another post. These are the testers I have for people to smell the scents to find what they like. Obviously this isn't the best way to present them. They are so big and there are over 80 of them. So I can't figure out what to do with them where I can conveniently haul them around, or even conveniently just haul them out of the closet that I keep them in when not in use. This doesn't look very professional. So for this project I need to come up with a lovely tote or something to organize these wonderful Scentsy scents.

Project 4
This is my second home I've lived in, in Florida and it seems that it isn't rare to have your washer and dryer in the garage. I HATE it! Against what many believe it does get cold in Florida, especially when you're kind of wimpy like me. OK I am using that as an excuse for my washer and dryer to look like this, piled high with clothes. Actually even when I have them inside they still get pile up. I can't help it. I don't like it, but I repeatedly do this. So this project will be clearing these off. I see on other blogs that people have lamps and little pretties on their dryers. I would settle for just to see the tops of them, I try to spend as little time as I can out here. Maybe it will change after the weather warms up a bit. I should have turned around and shown you the view I have when I'm doing laundry. You would understand me not wanting to be out there long. Although just in case my mother happens to read this I can't show you because her '53 Chevy shares this space with me and she can't see it until we are done restoring it for her. I will be sure to share before and afters of that when it comes time. Soon hopefully soon. Because as much as I love the car I don't want it in our possession any more!

Well those are the projects for the next month, now I must go get busy. Have a lovely day.

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  1. I can't wait to see what your afters look like. I know they will be great! A couple of thoughts on what I see. I think you need a coat rack in your bedroom. I would say hooks in your room but since you are renting you may not want to do that. But a place for things that you put on your computer chair. And you should make one and blog about it. And what about hanging curtains in the garage to block off the garage part. to make if feel less like you are in the garage. (sheets would work well) you could take it with you when you move. what about a board across the top of the washer and dryer to make a counter, put the felt things on the bottom so it doesn't scratch your machines. (your going to put stuff on top of it, make it function better, and look intensional). looking forward to seeing what you do.